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North Carolina Flite Test Flyers


fpv and rc planes
I fly at Charlotte arrow modellers
do you ever go there for there flyins I know we have lots of people that are from other clubs around
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FeWolf, Fayetteville,NC aka Ft. Bragg Home of the Airborne.
I do not really fly much I am more of a builder, Build lots of plans for young people to get into RC.


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Good morning... first post on this forum.

I'm from Western NC... specifically Clyde NC (which IS the center of the universe LOL). I've been flying all my life and belong to MASH flying club and member of AMA for many many years.


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Hello everyone! I'll be updating the list soon and as it is getting to be flying season again it would be fun to get a "centrally located" meet and greet / fly day organized.
Hello everyone! I'll be updating the list soon and as it is getting to be flying season again it would be fun to get a "centrally located" meet and greet / fly day organized.
Speak for yourself, been flying almost everyday after work. in this nice 80 degree days lately.

Bad news here.........I just finished up a ZMR 250 mini quad, but unfortunately i think i got a really bad set of props.(atleast that's what i am blaming it on for now) So got everything together and fired it up all motors spinning the right way, got all the props on, held it hand to check all the controls(left right forward backward) made sure i had air blowing the right direction, props were on right direction etc. All right moment of truth, sat the quad on ground throttled up, gets about 2'' off ground flips over. Wtf ???? broke all 4 props. (This is not my first quad, i have a nano qx, nano qx fpv, and a scratch built tri copter.)

So i go back and double check motor direction. Put on 4 new props which was the other half of the 2 sets i ordered, put them on. Held quad in my hand (to double check lift) throttled up and BANG all 4 of the props blades shattered and went flying WTF i say.......!!! I am left baffled for now. Any thoughts........


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Oh, don't get me wrong; I've been flying, though as of late it's the wind that keeps me grounded more than anything. I am by no means a multicopter veteran as I have just recently built my first quad (an Electrohub). What I do know is that balancing the props is very important, I noticed an instant improvement in performance. However, poorly balanced props should not cause such a drastic effect. Two common issues that lead to a fast flip that I have learned about are 1.) ESCs not being calibrated, and 2.) P/I Gains at incorrect settings. There are plenty more reasons it could be happening, but those seem to pop up quite a bit in the forums, etc.
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I am located in Greenville, N.C. Just started in the hobby a few months back. I am building a Diatone 250 FPV ghost and have another quad frame with motors, esc's and FC coming in. waiting on parts for the FPV carrying case to finish it up.

I have 5 delta push wing frames built but I have never flew a plane before. I have about 50-75 acres to practice own.
I'm also building a Simple Copter type tricopter. Just cut the frame out and added the arms. That will be finished last.

There is a small group that flies by one of the local high school I plan to ease over and learn all I can from those guys.
Welcome to the forum, everyone here is extremely helpful. I built a t-copter myself ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ifRap-D1oVI ) This video was before i got it dialed in. Now it flies even better. I just finished up a QAV250 carbon fiber race quad, working on getting it dialed in.

Don't hesitate to go up and talk with the guys flying. Generally a good rule of thumb is to wait til they land. Some people have a hard time talking and flying at the same time. "Most" people in the hobby are eager to help others along the way, as they too were once in your shoes.

Anyways welcome to the forum.
Hi Everyone,

Looks like a large group in NC. I was at Joe Nall last week and ran across several people from parts of NC.

I'm located in Holly Springs.
Hi everyone my name is Brad Peters live in Charlotte and fly at Waymer Park in Huntersville
This is the club I belong to great bunch of guys awesome place to fly http://flyingacesrc.com/FlyingAces.aspx
I went to Joe nall had an awesome time flying with Josh Bixler
11205551_10153390574163939_4130274501873827402_n.jpg 11014902_10153390580993939_4285031478095856389_n.jpg
Here is a video of Josh flying one of my scratch builds
I hope you all enjoy and can't wait to meet up with all my Flitetest friends.
Look me up on Facebook
Moving to Fayetteville over the next few days. I fly multis (quads and Windestal tris), some DollarTree foamies now and then and a few fixed wing electrics.