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North Carolina Flite Test Flyers


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I saw the NCSky was from Holly Springs which is great because I live in Morrisville, down side I'm just within the five mile radius of RDU so going to have to find a place to fly my new Delta-ray :)
Since we had nice weather me and some buddies got together to fly at the renaissance field, and i took some video to show everyone the scope of how big this place is. I was flying a little fpv with my 350qx, and other company was a FT 3D , and a Apprentice, along with some others that i didn't get on film. Here is the video pm me if anyone wants to fly here.



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Wow! That looks like an absolutely ideal flying field. Thanks so much for inviting the group - if I ever make my way in that direction I'll be sure to see if you're out and about.
Gear and belly, You can fly off the hard gravel road that wraps around the field, look at google maps. My bro in law flies a apprentice off the grass and gravel no problem. The ren festival just ended so the all the grass is completely matted down from all the cars parking on it.
Is that the one off 73 and poplar tent?

Sorry haven't looked at the coordinates yet


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Hello, all!

I'm in Apex.

I've been busy building, so I have a couple-three models ready to maiden. I haven't spent much time looking for a place to fly yet; about all I'm aware of is the club in Raleigh (which apparently is always at its 50 member limit), the club out by Jordan Lake (but their runway is right next to the water) and the club in Holly Springs. So, any ideas about flying locations from others nearby would be welcome!

Good day folks.
Old bearded hermit from the Asheville area here, new to the hobby and to the forum, just adding my name to the list of FT fans and local flyers.
New to the RC aspect, but I've built smaller foam gliders as a young boy and loved it greatly. Just got reintroduced to the hobby by the FT guys due to a video shared on reddit a few months back. I purchased a little Duet RTF as a trainer, but plan on doing more scratchbuilt stuff moving on into the 4 channel flight basics once I've learned a bit more.
I plan on meeting up with a local AMA group before I go on to flying anything bigger though.


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Hiya Dwight, you're on the list. Will these be your first flights or have you been flying for a while? Also, which models did you build?
Hi Lorenzo,

Sorry for the delay getting back to you - been crazy busy at work.

As far as foamies go, I've built a Bloody Barron, a Delta, an FT-22, and most of an Ansley Peace Drone canard (one of Ed's designs from Experimental Airlines). I've also just finished up the wing for a Midwest Hots that I'm scratch building. I tend to have a couple-three projects going on at one time...

I was an avid flier back in the BC years (that's "Before Children", you know). I built and flew many balsa gas/glow planes with 72 mhz radio gear. Electrics were just about at the level of toys in those days (late 80's into the early-mid 90's). My go-to planes were a Dynaflite Fun-scale Corsair (.40 size glow) and a Midwest Hots that I scratch built form the very same set of plans that I'm building from now. It was a real screamer with an OS 46 SF glow motor. I took a radio hit on takeoff and she came to an untimely end.

I'm really looking forward to getting back to a field again - especially without all the caster oil mess to clean up at the end of the day! In cold weather, that stuff is just plain nasty.