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Not getting subscrition emails


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Not getting any thread update/subscription emails, though my default is set to email instantly, any ideas?

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Default Thread Subscription Mode: Instantly, using email
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Shoot a PM to ryansolida, he may have the answer for you.

If you don't get anything back from him try one of the moderators.


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Check your spam filter settings, as well as your spam mail box. This is usually the culprit when I'm having this problem with other forums.


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FM, Could you please send me an email using the board admin direct and see if you get an error? I know at least in phpbb it will give you real time SMTP errors to troubleshoot.

Not in my spam folder, I'm searching my mail server logs now for "flitetest".


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I've found the issue I believe, the sending smtp server or maybe just an entry in the mailer script is not configured with a real/registered domain name. This causes an issue because receiving servers do reverse lookups on the domain to verify it's not a spammer, and it fails.

Here is the log entry on the receiving end:

SMTP-Activity-120513.log:05/13/12 21:44:59 SMTP-IN 0A8CD2959039430F85CEA042E7E66349.MAI 2756 EHLO EHLO flitetestweb.localdomain 250-server_name_redacted [], this server offers 5 extensions 164 31
SMTP-Activity-120513.log:05/13/12 21:44:59 SMTP-IN 0A8CD2959039430F85CEA042E7E66349.MAI 2756 MAIL MAIL FROM:<apache@flitetestweb.localdomain> 501 Your domain does not seem to be valid. Could not find MX record for your domain. 86 45
SMTP-Debug-120513.log:05/13/12 21:44:59 ME-I0129: Sender apache@flitetestweb.localdomain prevented from sending email as domain invalid.

Who has access to the mail server (or maybe this is just a board reply to address?) to update the config to use a real domain name in the EHLO command?

All servers on the net that do basic spam reverse lookups on incoming email are rejecting mail from flitetest right now due to this.
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@dezertdog, I just sent you a test message after updating some of the apache settings. Let me know if this took or not. Feel free to email me at ryansolida@gmail.com with your results.

Thanks for the heads up and for helping to troubleshoot this. We really appreciate it.