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OK, I'll be the first... HK Sport Jet RTF and Red Eagle wing


Propaganda machine
I hate being the first to post on this sort of thing... I've got a couple of planes in their boxes that I haven't and won't use (although I very much want to...).

First up is the Hobbyking Sport Jet 70mm EDF RTF. It comes with a 4ch, mode 2, 2.4Ghz transmitter and only requires batteries (2200-2650mAh 4s and 8xAA) to complete. I've made sure everything's in there and undamaged, but other than that the plane and gear is pristine. These are listed on HK as $130 pre-shipped price. I'm asking $110 firm.

I've also got a Red Eagle EPP combat/slope soaring wing, which is a kit only, with lots of carbon fibre included. I've got one of these, and can testify to their toughness. It's really good for slope soaring in particular. I'm happy to part with it for $25 to save me badgering the mate who said he wanted it and changed his mind...

For the convenience of getting rid of both of them at once, I'll take $130 for the pair.

If you're friendly and in the Canberra region, I can drop them off to you, or you can pick them up if you wish. I'd rather not post, but if it must be so, you can arrange and pay for it.

PM me if you're interested.
Wow that is a heck of a deal. To bad Im strapped for cash right now or I would definitly be interested. Hope someone jumps at the chance