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OLD FOGEY - 620g - can it fly?

Hello everyone! I have some questions. I have an Old Fogey from 1 year ago and today I make some changes to electronics parts. So, I add a 1750kv 30a, 70 grams motor with a 9x4.7 prop, 2s 2500mah and 40a esc and 2x 9 grams servos. Now Old Fogey have 620g with everything ready to fly. Can it fly easily? And another question is what can I do with Old Fogey last electronics? They are: 1400kv, 46g, 12A motor, 20a esc and 860mah 3s battery and 4 servos 9g. And another configuration that I have is: 1100kv 8A 36g motor, 450mah 3s and 12A esc with 3 micro servos 5g. For all motors I use 9x4.7 props. In my electronica I have another motor 16g, 2200kv and 8a. Can you recommand me some models best for my configurations? And the Old Fogey can fly? Thank you
P.s. I have Turnigy I6 with 6 channels.
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Yeah, I know!:)) I will go outside tomorrow 'cause today is too windy. But I'm really scared with this little fat plane:)) and what about all remaining electronics? What models can I made with them?������
Probably, but it doesn't sound like a great idea to me. My Fogey was good at exactly one thing - flying SLOW, in light winds. Light weight on a smallish 2S batt just seems right. Anything more than that and you are better off with a different airframe. Heavy needs to fly faster, and the Fogey seemed to fly worse the harder you pushed it IME. But you never know until you try. :cool: