Maker Foam kit parts shrink!


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I'm building a Mighty Mini Old Fogey but have found that the Maker Foam kit parts have shrunk so that edges are now a U-shaped groove instead of a flat cut (see pictures).

(The parts have been stored and handled in normal temperature and moisture conditions.)
This shrinkage causes two problems, one for the build and one for flying:
1) In the build, it means that glue adheres only to the outer paper covering, seriously reducing strength.
20 In flight, I anticipate that the grooved edges of the flying surfaces will reduce lift and at worst cause erratic performance.
What do you advise me to do to deal with these problems?


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If you are worried about the leading edges, you could do a variety of things to "fill" them in. 1) Small bead of hot glue followed by a wipe with a scratch piece of foamboard. (this is mentioned in several build videos) 2) glue a small light skewer in there. 3) use a super fine packing tape around the leading edges.

I've built quite a few of the speed build kits and never had any real problems due to the laser cut shrinkage.