Old servos...reuse or replace?


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Just curious to see what everyone's thoughts were on old servos and if it's preferred to replace or continue using them.

I picked up some older balsa models (about 15 years old) and still have the original servos. Been working on the Wild Stick plane and all servos appeared to work fine when I first tested them. Most of them were Futaba S3004's. I didn't notice any issues and just tested each one for a minute or so. Aside from normal use, I just wondered if sitting idle for a long time in varying temperatures would have any effect on the material.

If I do more thorough testing, what are some things I should look for? Or should I play it safe and replace them? If I keep them, are there any maintenance things I can do (WD40, cleaning, etc)?
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I think you could reuse them.
I also think that a grease would be a better lubricant than oil on servos, maybe not WD40?
I have some old futaba servos in my Gentle lady that I have been relying on for a while. I'm not sure how old they are though...
(That being said, I am not responsible for model damage due to servo failure.:p)

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I personally would run them as long as they have an appropriate amount of torque. Servos this size are expensive so if they have enough torque, even if they are slow, I would say use them.


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I would just look at the cases to be sure none are heat warped. Check shaft play to see if bushings / bearings have issues. (thats the most common problems) Then if you really want to be sure you could always open them up. Give the electronics a good bath in alcohol, wash the gears down and relube with some lithium grease. (Id say Vaseline but your in a cold zone so you don't want heavy viscosity lube to slog thru on cold days)


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I own futabas with G connectors that are 50ish years old that still work flawlessly, the 3004's maybe 20. I wouldn't be putting any cleaning stuff on the electronics, but a nice light silicone or lithium grease helps the jitters and squeaks. Wd40 should be outlawed