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One handed flying

I been flying about a year now but just with one hand because I only have use of my right hand.The help I

need is this, Hobbyking sells this "PC Flight Simulator Controller System" it is a onehanded joystick I wood

like to see some one use this and ask them Questions about like how does it work and can you put the throttle

on the fire button? because what I have seen of it has the throttle on the lever.Does anyone know of a

onehanded joystick that I can fly rc plane with? I can fly ok now but I was wanting to do some 3D flying now.
thank's for everyone's time.

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you got a iphone? there is an app that it called flypad. It outputs a ppm signal from the headphone jack, and you can plug it in the trainer port. the free version has one joystick and a tilt input, so you have 4 channels available in one hand. I gave it a try on my sim, and works well, too bad I cant say the same for my skills!



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I have not seen a one-stick radio for a long time but it was not uncommon many years ago.
The stick had a bigger knob you could twist and as you say another control for your tumb on top of the knob.
I cant find any pictures of the old one-sticks but there was seveal brands multichannel proportional radios on the market.
I found one who can custom one for you - http://www.radiosouthrc.com/custom_work.htm