One of my Gremlin Guardian's motor controllers is not working


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Hi all,

I just bought a Gremlin Guardian and have gone through the build video guide and made it about half way through the the setup guide before running into problems. At the 'test the motors' step, I found that the front left motor wouldn't spin up while the others did without problems. I've isolated the problem to the motor controller (ESC?) for this front left motor by verifying that the front left motor works fine when plugged into another connection and that other motors also do not run when plugged into this connection.

I'm now left wondering what to do next. Is it worth it to try to troubleshoot the flight controller further than what I've done, and can anything be done to possibly fix the problem? Do I need to buy another flight controller? This is the second flight controller out of two that haven't worked for me (I bought a Tiny Whoop last month and couldn't get it to pair, and ended up having to return the flight controller). Thanks for any input!

Liam B

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If it came to you non-functioning like it seems to have, I'd contact support before buying anything you shouldn't need to. DOA components have become more common after the whole chip-shortage ordeal with bad QC and some corners cut in manufacturing.

In the old days, I'd say swap an ESC and see if it works in that spot but given that it's a micro, I'm assuming the ESC is either a 4in1 or AIO (All-In-One) so that can't happen.


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Check the OEM solder joints on the connector plug for the motor that doesn't run. I've heard these joints are fairly fragile.