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Help! Only ten links?


I know nothing!
ok, so my name was incanted, twice, and frankly, I don't think this is the reply you expect . . .

First off, @buzzbomb, I'm disappointed in you. A new poster who makes a valid suggestion that you don't like is *NOT* the definition of a troll.
Universally, we welcome the new guy, just like we welcomed you when you were new, not insult them and bully other members into un-liking them. If in time they turn out to be trolls or spammers, THEN we deal with them accordingly, but NOT before. GitHub is a MASSIVE and popular site of which I HIGHLY doubt B1QUAD is shilling for, and his suggestion was reasonable.

I personally believe an apology is due, but I will leave that to your conscience. I thought better of you -- seen better from you -- and I hope you'll do better going forward.

That set aside and dealt with, to your original question, I have to ask (rhetorically), how much is enough? Is there a point where it is too much? A point where signatures outweigh the messages?

I've seen plenty of forums without limits, and over time the older posters tend to have signatures that swamp the replies -- that clever one sentence reply is drowned out by the massive 15 line signature, complete with adds, links to all the social sites, 5 most popular threads, your favorite cat video site and three clever sayings sprinkled in.

I detest getting info on those sites. I doubt I'm alone.

When is enough enough?

How many planes have you built? How many more will you build? How many more years do you have ahead of you?

Let me be clear, my Mod-like powers are not infinite. I do not have control of this, but I do know those who do, and like any other member on this forum, I can reason my position for change.

My position on this: The current limitation is not too few. From seeing some signatures, the current limit may be too much.

I haven't seen more than one or two members abuse their sig blocks to the point of making their threads unreadable, but quite a few get closer than I care for. None have been so egregious I've felt the need to step in, so no point in making waves in an otherwise happy forum.

As others have pointed out, there is a good work-around -- creating an index thread and linking that in the sig. You should have PLENTY of links available to hit all your favored social media links, a few index threads, and a few current builds-in-progress, all without swamping the ACTUAL post you're writing.

That being said, if you want, you are free to ask for forum features on the FT support email. While I differ in opinion -- with reason -- My word is not law on this. I still recommend you explore the workaround -- it's not as unwieldy as you think.
I thank you for both the admonishment and a point of view I had not considered. I am forever a student of life and willing to learn from my mistakes. Plus not ALL my ideas are good ones. ;)


I know nothing!
Done and done. A link in my signature to a repository page listing links to my builds. While it's not as smooth as just clicking on the build in my signature, I now understand how that could quickly get out of hand.

This thread is a great demonstration of why I love the FT Forum so much. I thank you all for the positive feedback, ideas, suggestions, corrections to my attitude and generally just jumping in there with your opinions on an idea.

I've been on a few forums, and I can tell you, all that we've discussed while being mature and open minded? Don't take it for granted. This forum is like no other. :)