Overcharged LiFe battery


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Hi all,

Just joining the forum, so I'm posting here. Thanks in advance for any help!

I recently purchased this 2s LiFe battery. I have a programmable charger that can handle any Lithium battery (imax B6), but like an idiot I charged the battery on the LiPo setting instead of the LiFe setting numerous times (probably 10). Basically I overcharged by about 0.7V per cell. I also treated it like a LiPo and never discharged below 3.2V per cell. Some info online says that, while obviously not a good idea, the battery should be able to take that (https://www.powerstream.com/LLLF.htm). I can confirm that my battery never got even remotely warm during charging or discharging, and is not swollen. I'm wondering if it's still safe to use though, or if I should get rid of it to be safe. I use it in my radio, not on a vehicle. The battery is currently back to LiFe storage voltage and is in a safe bag at the moment.



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Me personally I think it will be fine, but I would keep an eye on the voltage drop if it seems to be very short I would then replace it.


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If it's not puffed, and it holds charges well and the cells are relatively close in charge as you discharge and recharge, I think it's safe to say you'll be ok.


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If you have a meter that will check internal resistance that will determine any damage if any.

The saving grace to all that us its a low current draw useage in your radio so more then likely it should be fine.

Just make sure to keep an eye on heat when chargi g and cell voltage variance between cells at time of charge start.


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Only danger to over charging is venting. Other then puffing, only side effect would be diminished capacity. No reason the battery would not be safe.