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Park Equivalent to Brushless size

Forever I had seen thrown around "park equivalent" and "park 250" or so on for quite a while and I didn't really know what it meant. After some searching, I found that it harkened back to the brushed canned motors. But I had always wondered what the "park equivalent" to say a 2217 or a 1806 would be, and I had a hard time finding answers even on here.

I found this chart to be quite helpful, and if this has been posted, please forgive me, but it was an eye opener.



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Back In the day........ park flying was inside a baseball diamond so a small agile light plane. A park 250 would be the rough equivelant of a flite test "A" "F" system, lets say less than a 5 1/4-4 prop OR a .020 gas motor, perhaps 1/2 pound thrust. There's a 400 on my 3ft span slow stick, but it's hard to fly that inside the diamond and there would be no park equiv to a 1806 or 2217 unless it was a heli
It would be nice if there was a simple chart to use as a guide with a range of motors in the classes that FT uses. A chart setup with A , F, B , C motors etc with the recommended props and battery sizes.


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Someone did just that a year or so ago, but it was in the middle of an obscure thread instead of being its own thread. Needs to be redone and made a sticky