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Parkzone Ultra Micro Mosquito


Flying Derp
I picked this up from Hobb-e-Mart's ebay store for like $74 - PNP. It seems these guys get all the returns and box damage items from Horizon. Sometimes you get a good deal, sometimes not.



Senior Member
absolutely love this bird! i hear a lot of complaints about her tip stalling or others about it not performing well at low speed, but she glides well for me. really docile and smooth flying even in the wind. i glide in with no power and full up elevator to keep her level, and she doesn't wobble, or tip, or even think unstable. i am beginner, but learning (fast?) and she makes a WONDERFUL addition to my fleet :)

Non Action Man

Nose Landing Specialist
That's a nice looking plane! What battery does it use, and does it take a normal size Rx, or do you need a smaller one? I have always been worries about the plane being so small that is could get out of sight/easy to loos track of.


Senior Member
batts a 20c 250 mAh 3.7v single and no the rx is preinstalled. only comes in BNF no rtf pnf or arf's 119 is what i payed. it is very small but larger than most ultra micros and it has a very large wing area proportionally as well. i love it. and don't worry about the rx at all, it binds easy (i bind back and forth all the time at the field with my homemade bind plug and the mossie doesn't need one) so its super easy! just need a spektrum tx or another rtf um from pz. use a tx from them and i fly mine YARDS away and have full orientation. i have had it at least 100-150 yards out at its longest point (i think I'm not great with yardage) at least the length of aprox. 1.5-2 soccer fields and its small but easy to see. it IS hard to see against thick trees at distance, just look for the motors they can be seen. that and if you loose it in the grass it IS mossy cammo so look hard before you step lol