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I am looking at doing a twin, either the Cruiser or the Kracken, and when I see the specs on the Radial 2218B there are some issues with the provided specs. I am coming over from glow and gas so the inconsistency in the labeling/identifying of motors has me confused and the lack of prop info also has me worrying about overloading a motor.

I see some confusion on this site as well. The Radial 2218B has two different KV ratings for the same motor and the info for the motor states above average power with the right prop but never says what the best is for that motor with a 3S battery. There are also different motor recommendations for the Cruiser on this site. The kit states the motor to be an 810KV with 8x6 or 9x4.7 and the "C" pack shows a discontinued motor with 10x4.5 slow fly and with the Radial as a replacement at 1080 or 1180KV.

I am also curious if we can request which board we can have the kit made from as I would like to put lights in whichever one I choose and the water resistant board doesn't appear to be a good choice for the lighting.

BTW don't worry I am not upset or trying to bust y'alls chops I am just trying to make sure that the only one that I will try to overcome is Mother Nature cause being in my mid 70s I have learned when to argue with the biggest satisfaction to be achieved. I just need the most correct equipment to fight with the Old Girl.

Thanks in advance


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Several things are going on. You just happened to join the family smack in the middle of the transitions.

First. FT is going thru and updating the power packs as newer tech has come out and the original specs are in some cases several years old.

Second they are in the process of transfering the warehousing and sales over to Amain so not all things have been moved and or updated.

Third they just came out with the new motors and we are all in the same boat as no indepth testing has been done like on the older tech.

There are several people here that can help you with the maths to match a power train to your build. I am sure when this thread has had more exposure they will pop in with answers.

As far as the foamboard only the water resistant new stuff is available as the white backed foam had been discontinued by Adams which is what prompted the custom blend that is now used.


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Yep. There is another thread ongoing where folks are trying to assess the performance of the new motors. I just picked up the C-pack radial for that purpose and should have testing data in a couple of days.


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As far as the foamboard only the water resistant new stuff is available as the white backed foam had been discontinued by Adams which is what prompted the custom blend that is now used.
Can you clarify about the white foamboard? Is it really being discontinued everywhere by Adams or did you mean only in the FT store? It's still available at Dollar Tree it seems.


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Yes a version of the white stuff is still available but the foam composition was changed. It is not the same stuff FT started promoting for building.

This was all covered in the video that announced the new water resistant foambiard.


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The current white foam board from Dollar Tree still works, just not exactly the same as before, I am not even sure of the difference.


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About the dollar tree foam board. The foam core is the same, is what adams did was change the paper to a whiter version. The new paper was weaker and did not cut very well. After an outcry about the paper Adams changed it again to their current product which works OK but not quite as good as the original. Also note that the 99 cent store also sell Adams board as does Dollar General.


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Wish I had some of the original to compare. I've only been at this for a month and I have both the black and white Dollar Tree foam as well as a FT speedkit. The DTFB paper doesn't seem to cut as crisply, even with a new blade. It does seem lighter than the water resistant brown FT foam.