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Phase 3 Phoenix II Review


User of Gorilla Glue
I just got this sweet little plane called the Phase 3 Phoenix II. It is a electric glider made by a small company in Hong Kong.
First things first. The box says "great for beginners".........uh no. The shear size completely overwhelmed me!
Its 79 inch wingspan catches the wind pretty well, and its supposed to do that....because its a glider. But if your a beginner (like me....well novice is a better term) you will find the plane in a near by tree. When i first chucked the plane it when straight up and began to catch thermals and wind currents. So its great at what it is supposed to do.
The plane is a little squirly if you catch some updrafts. I hit one and it literally made the plane do a roll. (By the way when it rolled i flew inverted , it flew great upside down.) Anyways my maiden flight was on a windy day so i didn't really get the real feel. So i took it out the next day. It was AMAZING! It was gliding, it was flat turning, and it was picking up thermals like a dream...........right until i crashed it.....The wind picked up right as i was flying TOWARD A FENCE. But that let me test its durability! The plane received a 1/4 of a inch dent on the wing, a crack in the wing, but not all the way through, and tail popped off the tape. When i first picked it up i couldn't find any damage, so it wasn't bad at all for being crashed into a steel pole at 20 mph. I glued it up real good and now i'm waiting for the weather to die down.

So the verdict. If your a beginner get another plane. I have seen many more people recommend this to beginners but i cant personally. But if your a novice or up YOU WILL LOVE IT! It may be a foamie but it is a thermal catching machine! You could stay in the air a good 20 minutes on thermals. It is that good at its job.
Also before i go i have to tell you about what comes in the RTF kit and its FPV capability.
In the RTF kit you get
Brushless motor and props
Brushless ESC
Battery (3S LiPo)
Charger (12V input)
2.4GHz Radio System

I had a faulty ESC at first so i had to go back to the store and get them to replace it. But other than that its a good kit.

Now finally its FPV capability. You can strap a gopro and all of your fpv equipment and it will still fly great.

Heres some pictures!

CAM00288.jpg CAM00290.jpg CAM00291.jpg FxCam_1374972671430.jpg


Dedicated foam bender
Some ballast might tone down the squirreliness a bit but make sure the CG stays where it's supposed to. But it sounds like a right nice airframe! I wonder if it comes in anything but RTF? I don't need anymore stock radio gear...


Dedicated foam bender
Cool! Thank you, Sir! May your day be blessed with clear skies and light winds!

Looks like for just over $100 for the kit, and I have all the rest of the stuff on hand.
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