Phlatprinter III


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I purchased this Phlatprinter III from Michael “Crash” Hancock in May of 2015. It runs well and is ready to go. It is a great low-cost entry into the world of CNC.

It has sat in the corner of my shop for the last year or so and it’s time to find a new home for it.

It has a Planet CNC USB Controller and I have all the files and license info for the controller software.
I also have a DVD for the original build so you know exactly how it was built.

I don’t think that it will ship well, so it needs to be picked up in Tucson or Phoenix area.

However I will be at FliteFest TX 31OCT through 4NOV 2018 and in the Austin/Waco area until 8 OCT if you would like to arrange pickup there.

Asking $500

Here are links to some of Crash’s videos of the machine.


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