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Plane powered by a pc fan

Non Action Man

Nose Landing Specialist
How about a challenge to build a plane that uses a pc fan? I have seen one, but it was modified by using the blades with a higher speed BL motor.

FT, can you make and fly a plane solely powered by an unmodified pc fan? You can use any off the shelf pc fan, with original fan motor. Any size from 240mm down. Voltage is up to you though- make that sucker burn!

Obviously it's going to be hand launched, but can it be done?



Crazy flyer/crasher :D
Yeah it would but only if you really don´t modify the fans

they should stay original, whichever ones you take! Would make it more of a challenge :)


not crazy, just stupid
we should specify witch fan to use, there are a lot of fans out there with insane performance. it would not be a challenge to make an akasa viper fly..
However im a fan ( ;) ) of the idea


Flying Derp
I connected a PC fan to a 12v battery years ago and it moved enough air to lift itself. Who knows how long the little motor inside a PC fan will last if supplied with enough voltage to move a plane. This would be very cool to see!


Rotor Riot!
All the PC fans I have seen are designed to go slow and quiet... But I have never seen a high-performance fan.

@Sunshine: Excellent pun!