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Plane recovery

Here is my take at retrieving the plane from the tallest tree around

Here is the result from yesterdays flight - can u spot the plane?

I used a 30 meter long rope and a ladder.
Tie a knot to the top of the ladder, toss the rope over a branch and secure the ladder to the tree.
Climb up and toss the rope over next set of branches and secure to the top of the ladder.
Climb down and undo the knots.
Climb back up and secure yourself to a branch or the trunk.
Bring the ladder upwards with the rope and put it on a branch again.
Redo the whole securing until you have moved up to the top of the tree.

(This took me 5 times)

While at the top it was a matter of disconnecting LIPO's and bringing the plane back to safety.

With the rope around 1 of the top branches it was easy to lower the ladder 1 step and then climb down.
Repeat until safely on ground

read the whole story here

The Gopro ran out of memory ~14Gb spent on dangling in a tree :D
We will have to see f the LIPO's are drained or not.

The plane seems fine so far but it was very dark when I was back on the ground (23.30)

Thats great, I once had to cut a 10cm think branch off with my pocket knife to retrieve a plane. The branch was too thin to stand on but the plane was too far out to reach.