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first build

  1. Minton

    First Scratch Build

    About a month and a half ago I ordered the FT Trainer kit along with everything else I needed to get started with RC aircraft. I had such a blast with it that I decided to try and design and build my very own plane. I'm new to flying planes but had previously modeled an RC plane for my school's...
  2. MLGSwagPilot

    My second attempt at building an RC Plane (Scratch-Built) (CRASHED!!!)

    Hey everyone! My name is Tommaso, I live in Italy and this is my first post on the FT Forum: I wanted to share with you guys my experience in building and flying my second scratch built rc plane. Around summer '20 I decided to start building a RC plane: at first, I wanted to make a 1m wingspan...
  3. J

    Solved Camera recommendation for the FT Gremlin? (or any recommendations on a first quad build)

    I'm relatively new to the whole RC hobby, I've flown lots of prebuilt things, but I want to learn how to build my things because it seems like a way to get a reliable build without spending a lot of money? On the FT Gremlin, it looks promising, but I want an FPV drone. I can't decide on a...
  4. N

    Always Learning

    Yesterday I built my first Flitetest plane An SE5 quickbuild kit Took it out for its maiden when it was maybe a little too dark But it flew, surprisingly well There were also some problems I had noticed during the flight; mostly the throttle reaching max at 1/2 stick and the fact that I had 0...
  5. A

    Building gremlin for the first time.

    I want to build a gremlin and I looked at the video they have on YouTube. Since I would use the Flite Test Power Pack G V2 would I follow the same steps. Won’t the soldering be different? This would be my first build and I don’t want to screw up and destroy the components.
  6. B

    Help! First Time

    I’m looking into first time scratch building an RC plane for my year 12 systems engineering project. I’m looking for an experienced person who I can send progress updates and designs to, who can help me with feedback and suggestions. Amy help would be much appreciated.
  7. J

    A couple of questions for the mini guinea

    Hello, (this is my first post so excuse me if I posted this in the wrong place) I have flown a few RC planes before and am considering buying a mini guinea pig kit, however I live in the UK and the import tax would be too high for me.anyways, I found a 2200kv motor on ebay...
  8. GMalatrasi

    First Build: From LongEZ to not-so-easy Starship >_<

    Hello Everyone, and welcome to my first scratch build thread! This all started when I decided it was time to build my first foam board plane and went on to order the speed-build kit for the FT LongEZ. Once I ordered that, I began to order all the electronic components for it; and I figured it'd...
  9. CatholicFlyer

    Planning RC Build The Whitehead No. 21 Monoplane

    From my scale non flying model, I will be getting the Chub from Hobby Zone and so I will be able to use the remote on other builds, if you ever searched early flying machines, this sucker is basically a flying boat and the wings and tail are shaped after bird wings and tail. The chub will be my...
  10. Rcjay509

    3d flyer build

    I started flying rc again this year after my bestfriend convinced me to buy the super cub s by horizon hobby.It has been 13 years since I've flown Rc.I started getting good at flying my super cub so I decided to build my first 3d flyer.I noticed the 3d flyers aren't cheap from the hobby stores...
  11. N

    Hglrc f428 pd/ etc board

    I have been able to fund myself for most ever other part ft sidewinder frame, motors, battery, camera, transmitter Etc. Etc. to include the original hglrc f428 fc however the pd/esc board I received does not work. So I am looking for either another f428 pd esc board or another setup to fit the...
  12. C

    Tiny Trainer build question

    Hi All! This is my first time posting here, though I've been lurking around for a few weeks trying to build up the courage to actually build something. After a fair bit of research, I've decided I want to give the Tiny Trainer a shot. It seems straightforward and like it would be a good first...
  13. S

    Howdy Flite Test Forums!

    Hi all, I am excited to try to get my first quad build back from the dead...or maybe it was never alive in the first place. Either way, it should be fun being a part of the forums. Check out my blog post, I added some jokes...
  14. tinstructor

    Hi everyone I'm tinstructor!

    Hi everyone I'm kind of a digital electronics nerd, I study EE and I felt like it was time to build my first race quad! I'm currently writing a bachelors thesis on a way to measure the efficiency of RC propulsion systems while spending the least amount of money possible (engineering trade-offs...
  15. J

    Having touble building a Versacopter V2 with Lux board

    So I recently purchased everything I thought I needed to build my first quadcopter, the versacopter kit, e-pack, battery, with a lux flight controller and D4R-II receiver. About halfway through the build, I am now stuck with figuring out how the lux flight controller and D4R-II has a place in...
  16. WrightFlite

    HI, I'm new here.

    I wanted to officially become part of this awesome community. Chomping at the bit waiting for all my FT210 FPV Build parts and pieces to come in. The Flite Test store and whole ordering process was great. I have to admit, parts not found on your store I got from GetFPV. But I think its even...
  17. F

    My First Build/ Build and Design Thread

    So, I have never built a plane before from scratch. So this might take a while to maiden. I am no stickler on people who use my ideas so, If you like this idea as much as I do then by all means use it to its full extent, just please give me some credit. DISCLAIMER: THIS WILL TAKE A LONG TIME...
  18. B

    Hi! First time here!

    Greetings from a fellow noob! I've been watching this hobby as for at least 8 or 9 months before a coworker finally convinced me to give it a try. At this point I can only thank him for getting me initiated in the hobby and already pumped up to build my first drone. I must say it has been a...
  19. J

    First build - unsure about parts

    I have finally obtained all of the tools and parts I think I need to build my first FPV quadcopter, but now I'm unsure if I picked the right motors/ESC's/batteries to get it flying. I would greatly appreciate any feedback on parts that won't work. Initial build: - H250 ZMR250 250 carbon fiber...
  20. bpw823

    First Airplane - Laser Cut FT Storch

    Over the past few months, I've been held down by end of school study, FIRST Robotics, and other commitments, but I've finally been able to complete my first 'scratch' build. Using the laser cutter provided by a Design Studio at a local vocational technology school, I was able to CAD trace the...