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Plans Wanted


I Like SBach 342's
Hey guys, does anybody have or know of any plans for a foam P-47? It is a model I would like but can't find any
suitable ones from manufacturers.


Rotor Riot!
I'll use this thread to post my own plan request, I'd like a scratchbuilt RC Beechcraft Baron someday... Plans anyone?


Rotor Riot!
Ummm, I'm thinking a scale looking balsa model... Can you do those? If so ot would be about a meter wingspan...

I want to download a 3d model from the web to slice it up and make cross-sections of it... But I don't have enough time on my hands...


Crazy flyer/crasher :D
The truly do but in most cases are a little more expensive. Even though you could practically just use two motors with half the power each. Smaller motors do not tend to be directly proportional to their price and you mostly end up with a higher price. + esc´S!

But they really look awesome.

Here the scene of JRC III


I purposely did not put in the video directly because it might not be something for everyone who likes to see blood but it should be too bad really.


Rotor Riot!
Yeah the King Air is a bit bigger... I don't like it as much as the Baron... I've been looking a lot, all I've found so far are three views... I'll see what I can do. I'm looking for a 3D model that I can cut sections from. Though FSX has one, I can't find a way to convert it to 3ds or dwg.
I might be able to make something with a fuselage like this bonanza by rctestflight
but nothing like a balsa plane!

And, for other tips, you should watch more of his videos....he has tutorials on soldering, connectors, and many other things.

And, here's a tutorial by him, on how to make a ribbed wing(not on his main channel, so that's why I put it here). I've tried it and it works!
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