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Help! please help with tanaris hookup on windows 10

I have tried everything to updating firmware via SD card.
I got it to show in device and printers as a storage device then changed usb to joystick and it was still saying unrecognized joystick.
I have since installed another HDD on my computer with Ubuntu on it and loaded Velocidrone on that it worked for the first day now it's crashing every time i load a game so i tried my ubuntu laptop and the same thing happens velocidrone crashes when trying to load a game.
I cannot win :(
Now my flight controllers wont hookup to betaflight ethier.. another issue probably solved on ubuntu yet to try that one. Joystick is my main issue i want more stick time :)
Its getting better weather now so i can get out with my quads but i don't wanna practice tricks IRL without simulator hours.

Thank you to anyone who can point me to a solution as you can tell ill bloody load anything onto another HDD just to get this solved!

Kind Regards


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You want to get it set up as a controller for sim?
Which Sim are you running?
The betaflight issue will be drivers, did you use the Impulse RC driver fixer?
Bardwell put out a video on fixing drivers, apparently a recent update has screwed PC’s again.
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