Please promote this FAA NPRM Video

I hope this is OK to post here...

We need your help to make this video go viral. Please talk it up, vote for it on Reddit, Tweet about it, and use your various social media skills to push it as hard as you can. We need this out in the broader world, not just the RC community.

As you can see, this video is aimed at the general public, not the RC community. It is meant to appeal to their concerns about privacy, personal freedoms, and government overreach. It aims to block just one thing, which is the forced recording of second by second position data in the cloud. I am calling this “Self Incrimination by government mandated self surveillance”.

I realize that this is "sensitive" and possibly something that "Flite Test the business" can't be involved with, but I also think that we multiply our voice when we involve the general public beyond the RC community. There is nothing subversive about directing people to the NPRM and asking them to comment in the government web site that is set up for just that purpose. I also think that what is being said here is fundamentally honest. Forcing people to "surveil themselves" by storing 1 second resolution position data on the cloud, is just asking for trouble. That data can be mined for "infractions" and an automated process for sending out fines is the obvious next step. When you put it in the context of a car rather than a drone, it becomes much more obvious.

Just to be clear, I am in favor of Remote ID. Something of that sort is necessary. We just need some leverage to change the form of it into something we can live with. Getting about a million people to comment on the FAAs proposal will knock them back a step and generate the leverage we need. Thus far, law enforcement has been asking for and getting what they want. They just took it a step too far.

I did my best on the video itself, but I am a terrible host. If someone, anyone, wants to do a better job of it they have my blessing. Putting lots of similar videos out there is just another way to spread the word.