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poor customer support....

customer support....

just got off the phone again with one of your customer support in regards to a faulty dx5e that cost me a new wildcat sent the remote in and you shipped it back with out repairing it or replacing my plane I'm very disappointed in your support...i even took videos explaining the issues and you totally ignored me and are now trying to give me the runaround..
Shame on you Horizon...

Video before i sent it in to be fixed

Video of the returned dx5e with a shiny new antenna....really you need to step your game up guys..

Came home today to find Horizon did stand behind their word and shipped me a new plane and new dx5e....Thanks Horizon your a stand up company just wish things went a little smother in the beginning...
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wish i was aware of it but no i was not in fact i was about to send the plane in to have it checked thinking it was that but another forum asked what i was using to fly i told him he showed me the facts about the dx5e and the on going problem with them...i have just purchased a dx6i yesterday and now hope to have that one in a few days but that still dont fix the fact of how they are handling this issue....


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From the DX5e manual:

shall the liability of Horizon exceed the individual price of
the Product on which liability is asserted. As Horizon has
no control over use, setup, final assembly, modification
or misuse, no liability shall be assumed nor accepted for
any resulting damage or injury. By the act of use, setup or
assembly, the user accepts all resulting liability.
If you as the Purchaser or user are not prepared to accept
the liability associated with the use of this Product, you
are advised to return this Product immediately in new and
unused condition to the place of purchase.

And fair enough too. I don't think Horizon should have to foot the bill for a new plane. Yes, the switch is an issue, but at the same time I think anyone who commits aviation with anything larger than a micro rc plane should have confidence in their ability and equipment. With all the risk associated with permitting a substantial weight with a pointy end whiz through the sky in proximity of people and property all aeromodellers need to have such confidence.

If this confidence comes from researching the equipment prior purchase (e.g. a google search for "dx5e problem") then that is fair and adequate preparation.

Please take this post in the helpful manner that it is intended. I'm not saying you're a goose for buying a DX5e, I'm saying that aeromodelling is a potentially risky past time (as compared to knitting!) and should be approached with a degree of care and responsibility. Before launch we need to satisfy ourselves that equipment, location and ability are suitable. We can't all throw up our hands and blame the manufacturer when we aren't having fun like the guy pictured on the front of the box. We need to take care and responsibility when practicing our hobby.

I know I'm a goose and need to read this post. I had an equipment failure in my Blade 400 heli the other day. Note that through research I discovered that the standard servos and gyro on the Blade 400 aren't quite up to the job of intermediate sport / 3D flying. So I have quality HS65 cyclic servos, a quality digital tail servo and a high spec Futaba gyro installed on this heli. However I got lazy and haven't been giving the heli routine inspection and maintenance; in fact it probably has some 50 plus flights since the last time I had a close look at it. So the motor mount shook loose during flight and lost drive during flight. Luckily I was able to auto rotate safely to a good landing in a safe spot (no damage!). I was flying in a suitable location and had the ability to pilot it in the area, but should not have been relying on this redundancy when flying a heli which had not had threadlocked screws re-threadlocked for more than 30 or so flights.

This 2c is probably more like $2, but I think it needs to be said and might open up some conversation on the topic.
I keep hearing from other peoples posts and similar problems with company's who don't always stand behind their products poeple are so quick to just give up and say hey it's just how things go..
Have we all become little kids when it comes to standing up for what you know is right???
I'm a victim of a product that's faulty and has cost me may dollars so I should just walk away and let this company just wash their hands of it???? Just don't sit we'll with me..


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I would continue to pursue the issue with Horizon.
You demonstrated the problem to them (the problem with the power switch)
You sent them the radio, they fixed something else, leaving the power switch untouched.
The radio is defective, they communicated to you that they would replace the plane if the radio was defective.
You should get a new (or at least repaired) radio and plane. The way I see it anyway...

In your first video, were you on the phone following troubleshooting steps with Horizon while reproducing the problem?
After the videos made it higher up at horizon hobbys I received a phone call today and was informed that my dx5e and wildcat in fact will be replaced and apologies for the missunderstandings... See I does pay not to just give in and walk away with your tail between your legs...I knew I was right and in no way was looking to rip off anyone just wanted the correct thing done and it was finally by horizon hobbys


More combat please...
My experience with Horizon Hobby has always been great.
Despite the hiccup- it looks like they are taking good care of you too.
Every company makes mistakes.
The difference between a good company and a great company is how they handle those mistakes.


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I shudder at the thought of how much everyone else has paid (or will pay) for your replacement plane and tx...

Given how long this problem with the product has been around, it's also amiss for Horizon to have not recalled existing txs and fixed the issue in newly produced products also. RC planes are a dangerous object, particularly when airborne. I'm guessing Horizon have employed what I call the 'Fight Club formula' and decided it's easier/cheaper to settle individual cases rather than issue a recall. You can be sure they won't take the hit out of their own pockets, though...


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I have always had EXCELLENT customer service from Horizon. I have been dealing with them for years and they have a 100% satisfaction rate with me at least. I had a charger with a fan that went bad, they replaced it no questions asked. I had my Blade 400 heli toss a main rotor in idle up after only a handful of flights. the first thing they asked was if anyone was injured, then asked me to send some pics of what happened, I did......and within 2 weeks not only did they replace my entire heli, they upgraded me to the new Blade 450 which included a new DX6i with DSMX.

They have always been great to me. Which is why most times, I continue to spend the extra money on their stuff.




How many letters do we ge
I had a receiver within close range go into failsafe a few weeks ago. Genuine Spektrum. Cost me a fair amount of damage to my tricopter and gladly didn't scratch my gopro. I'm not going to chase any recompense because the receiver operated within the parameters it was designed to do.

I suppose my comments are/ have been written to a similar but different topic whcih could be titled "Responsibly enjoying our hobby" because I firmly believe that the hobbyist is responsible for carrying out this hobby in a safe and responsible manner, and that includes researching if equipment has issues prior use.

As for Horizon, wow. I won't be buying shares in that company! But would gladly buy a heli from them.
Came home today to find Horizon did stand behind their word and shipped me a new plane and new dx5e....Thanks Horizon your a stand up company just wish things went a little smother in the beginning...
Wow, I have never heard of the problems with the DX5. I have flown many planes and had sudden loss of control and thought it was something I did. I went back and looked after I saw this thread and found out that mine does that too. I have crashed several planes because of this. Nice to know. I just bought a DX6 and hopefully all is good with that.