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I've flown many planes of every type before, but this was my first foam board one from a plan. I'd had a long break from RC flying, so still working up to my previous skill, which is why I chose the Simple Scout. I built it with large ailerons for a bit of fun. This has to be the cheapest plane I ever built. I used one of these motor/ESC/prop combos. You get 4 sets for that price!

The plane flew pretty well over all. I think it needs a bit of side-thrust to make it more neutral flying. I had to adjust the ailerons a bit each time I went from high to low throttle and vice versa. I might try mixing in a bit of rudder with the throttle. Has anybody tried that on a similar plane? The motor has immense power. It can climb continuously vertical. With minimal constant throttle, the Scout flew like a trainer, but I could had a lot of fun when I gave it full beans. Its flying is not exactly precise, so not really suitable for pattern aerobatics, but that's not unexpected with a 36" wing with dihedral and relatively short fuselage.

I had a couple of minor hiccups during the build. The tailplane glue set before I had it fully lined up. That didn't matter too much because it was only a little out, but the rudder had a slight angle. I managed to fix that by warming up the glue with a hot-air gun. The other mistake I made was when I made a temporary battery to ESC connector adaptor for testing the electrics. I had a brain fart and managed to solder one connector the wrong way round. I noticed it as I connected, but that short touch was enough to damage the ESC. It still worked, but the 5v supply was compromised, so I was getting brown-outs whenever I operated two servos at once, like ailerons.

One other thing to note is that I used a Jumper T12 transmitter and cheapo Banggood receiver. I'll make another thread to review them. They both worked very well apart from a small binding issue that's easy to work around.

I will now use this plane as a test bed for all my electronics. I've got a few transmitter and receiver combinations to try, some with additional functions, like stabilisation, GPS and 3D mode.

I'd like to say thanks to the Flitetest community for providing the plans, videos, etc, and for helping me along the way through my various problems.. I have a box of 50 foam sheets, three speed-build kits (which I'll use as stencils rather than build), plus enough motors and servos to last me a lifetime. Every time I see one of the build videos, I want to build that plane myself, so i expect to be busy for a while.


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Congratulations on your mile stone. FT is the most fun you can have for $2. They don’t hurt the pocketbook nearly as much WHEN they hit the ground.

I’ve mixed rudder to elevator and aileron to improve knife edge but never rudder to throttle. No reason why it would not work. I have built right thrust into my power pod. I consider my power pod to be disposal. I want my PP to be the weak spot, I want it to break first in a crash.