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Popwing Build and EPP Eagle Build

Hello Everyone,

This is my first thread and I am almost ready to begin my first airplane. I am a skilled hobbyist, but have never attempted a flyable craft. I have put many years into flight sims, including daily use of Great Planes RealFlight and I am pretty good.

I have a 900mm Techone Popwing sitting here in the box unopened. I have the ARF version and have almost everything I need. I still need a transmitter (probably going to get a FlySky TH9X with receiver) and will wait until I get those before I start the build.

I have read that many have needed servo extensions for this model. What length and type do I need? I have been trying to familiarize myself with connector types for servos, batteries, ESC's, balancing ports etc...

I know more questions will be answered when I start the build, but I am just shaking off my pre-build jitters.

I also have an unopened HobbyKing EPP Eagle that I am doing the same thing with.

My main goals are to slope soar these at Lake Chabot in Unincorporated Hayward, California.

The batteries I have for the EPP Eagle have EXT60 connectors and the batteries for the Popwing look like T or what they call Deans connectors I guess?

My main question is do I need to buy some lengths of patch wire and banana connectors and adapters to run the power wires for the ESC and Batteries?

I am very excited to take my hobbies to new heights.

In the future I hope to go crazy with my HAM license(KG6RYF) in regards to FPV, but I need to get in the air first.

Any tips will help.

Thank you.


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hi and welcome from fellow member.

i don't own either one of the planes you have so i don't exactly know what length of extension you'll need.
but as you've pointed out, the length need to be measured when you dry fit your servo(s).
where you'll place the receiver will determine the end point of the extension.

for connectors, many have moved from Deans (T as you described it) to XT type for power connection/battery.
Banana or gold connectors are usually for connecting brushless motor to ESC.
It would be better to sync the type of plugs you'll be using with what are being use currently.

there are a few amateur radio operator here i think, myself (defunct) included.
enjoy your build and happy flying!


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You should not need any extra wire to get from battery to ESC, and from ESC to motor. That plane is small enough that the wire that came with the battery, ESC, and motor, should do the trick. For connecting the ESC to the battery, get some bullet connectors, in size 2.5 mm or 3 mm. If your motor already has bullets soldered to it, make sure to get the correct size to fit the motor.

For servo extensions, my recollection is that the 10 cm ones are not long enough, so you may need 20 cm.

XT60 is currently a very popular type of battery connector, but many people also prefer Deans. Look at the places where you expect to buy batteries and look at what the batteries usually come with. Your life will be a lot simpler if you settle on one type of battery connector, instead of having a mishmash.
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Ron B

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josh gave you some good info but he was incorrect in using bullet connectors to the battery he should have said esc to motor.


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josh gave you some good info but he was incorrect in using bullet connectors to the battery he should have said esc to motor.
Oh, I'm so sorry. You're absolutely correct. XT60 or Deans ESC->Battery, bullets for ESC->motor. My fingers sometimes get ahead of my brain.