1. B

    Motor pulses when plugged into ESC and receiver

    I recently bought parts for an RC plane (I have little to no clue what I'm doing) and when I plugged everything in the motor would pulse when connected to the ESC. It would then pulse at a different frequency when connected to the receiver. Any idea on why that would happen?
  2. FlyingTyger

    Foam Wonder "NOOB" Graphics 1.0

    Printable graphics for Sponz's Foam Wonder "NOOB" to match the prototype build. The graphic sheet includes the wing stripes, fin feathers, and tip plate graphics.
  3. Chineesus Chlist

    Brand New! Please help!

    Hello everyone. I am brand new to the aviation side of the RC hobby. I've been racing and bashing RC cars for almost 10 years now (mostly bashing) and have always been pretty intimidated by the flying side of the hobby. A few years ago, I bought an EXI 450 pro helicopter thinking that would be a...
  4. Cpl Goertz

    Goggle advice

    Hi everyone. I ordered a betafpv starter kit 2 which comes with box goggles. I was wondering if it would be worth upgrading to some Fatshark attitude V5's right off the bat or upgrading later. Any help would be fabulous. Thanks Cpl. Goertz
  5. Lilbanks96

    FPV Noob Set Up

    Hey everyone! FPV has always been interesting but also intimidating to me so I never took my first steps into it. That will change with your help! I really don’t understand much about FPV but I watched this Flite Test video, and said I have a Cub, I can do that! But frankly I don’t know...
  6. C

    0s - no battery in Betaflight even when my battery is connected.

    I have this really weird problem where Betaflight doesn't seem to recognize that my battery is plugged in. I've tried 4 different batteries and I'm still getting the same problem. When I'm not connected via USB I can arm my motors and get them spinning with just the battery so I know I'm getting...
  7. U

    Just got my first drone. HELP!

    Hello. First of all, I am new to this forum and I hope I post this thread at the correct place... :rolleyes: I just picked up a "scratch built" drone and I have no clue whatsoever about what all the components are. I have flown a lot of RC planes, so I am not new to the RC hobby. But, I have...
  8. Aviation RC Noob Podcast

    Coming Soon - A helping hand for the noob

    Coming Soon! Listen in as Matt (FoamyDM) does his best to help Joe jumpstart into the Aviation RC Hobby. We cover our experiences, questions, and try and bring a better understanding so we can all spend more time flying, and less time scratching our heads. :unsure:
  9. L

    Naze32 Rev6 won't flash

    Hi guys! So i have been having this problem for a while now but a can't seem to flash my Naze32 Rev6 flightcontroller. I have installed the CP210x Drivers and the vcp drivers. I have tried flashing it on BetaFlight, CleanFligt and Baseflight. None of them seem to work. This is my first time...
  10. O

    Receiver to flight controller issue

    Hi there! I'm new to this and have never posted on any forums before so... have mercy! I've never flown or built an fpv quad or any rc things before. I'm dying to do it though! And determined to do so. I'm building an fpv race quad, for the first time, following this guide: I'm using the...
  11. N

    Help! Hello! I’m new here and have a quick question

    Hey everyone! I’m realitively new to fixed wing stuff, and have a (hopefully) quick question I’m looking into getting the SE5 build kit with Power Pack F but I don’t know which reciever I should get I’m running an FrSky Taranis QX7 radio Thanks for the help! 💜
  12. C

    Hello and questions

    Hello all, I am located in Ontario Canada and am completely new to air RC, I have years of experience with surface bashers and racers. Now I have decided to dip my toes into drones and see if i get dragged in lol. Please forgive me if I'm not supposed to post a longer post in this section but...
  13. R

    Help Needed with custom brushed micro setup

    My intial question: How do i get my motors to react to my stick movements?:confused: This may be a long shot but i was wondering if someone could help me trouble shoot this last problem i have before i can get my brushed micro in the air. I am using Flysksy FS-i6 with a flysky receiver, they...
  14. J

    Someone to help me choosing a transmitter for the FT Mighty Mini Sparrow ?

    Hi guys, (as im french im sorry if my sentences looks weird) I've recently bought a ft mini sparrow and i was wondering what was the best and cheapest transmitter to buy:confused:.
  15. D

    Need help with Gremlin

    So I recently got a gremlin that was built by FT; I took it out of the box and plugged the battery in. The battery is fully charged and is a lumenier 2 cell, 400 mAh, and 7.4 volt. I was able to get my Spektrum DXe to bind to the receiver, the receiver held a solid orange light. The problem is...
  16. S

    Newbie - questions before starting APM wing for research

    Hi, I last helped build an RC plane >30 years ago and also did a few free flight balsa/tissue jobs plus some control line planes. Fast Forward a few decades: I am interested in doing some ecological work and am looking to start cheap while I learn. I can design and build a foam wing plane...
  17. F

    Is it possible to build something using a d2822/14 motor and a 2200 mah lipo?

    Hi guys! i am Francisco from Argentina and it is my first time around here. I have some electronics for an rc plane at home, but i don´t know if it is possible to scratch-build a plane using them. I have a turnigy brushless outrunner motor ( d2822/14, 1450 kv), a turnigy 2200mah 3s 25 lipo...
  18. Eldowr

    Back to RC, Again!

    Hello All, I've been following Flite Test on Youtube for over a year now. I finally broke down and ordered a Simple Scout and figured I should join the forums. My dad did his best to get me into RC from a young age. My first plane was a line control J-3 cub with a cox .049; I don't believe we...
  19. S

    Complete and total NOOB!!!

    Greetings and Salivation's! Thought I should take a minute and do the compulsory introductory post .... HI!!! haha Okay eh in all honestly I hate doing these, never know what to say ... Complete Noob ... Years ago I had the Real Flight simulator with the hope of learning to fly, life happened...
  20. B

    I can't find a good battery and ESC that work together

    I'm new to the RC hobby and i wanna build a simple RC plane to start off and i can't spend more than 120€. I searched through hobby king and found almost everything except a ESC with BEC and LVC and a battery. I didn't wanna buy something that doesn't work so i'm asking you guys for...