Portable, Multiple Battery, Charging Station idea (tell me if I'm crazy)

Mattias die Krahe

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Ok, recently I have been tasked with building a portable safer charging station. My future setup consists of a 4 port charger and just laying them on the ground/shop floor while charging. I seen the ammo can idea and that made me think. Maybe this has been tried before, but how many batteries can be charged simultaineously in a single can? I have read the ideas used for fire suppression if one should occur, and really like the bag of sand idea.

So looking into this, my charging setup has to be portable, I often have to travel with LiPo batteries not just short distances, sometimes flying even. I would like the setup to be safe as most charging takes place in the shop or in a hotel room. I would like to be able to setup for multiple batteries to charge at one time (shortens my time required to monitor them giving me more free time to do whatever).

So here is my idea. Starting with a .50 cal (5.5" x 11" x 6.875"internal) ammo can. Then fasten 8 2.5"x2.5"x0.8" tube steel cut to 4.5" in height to the inside of the can creating a cell type structure. Once fastened drill a 1/2" hole in each of the so called cells through the sidewalk of the ammo can and tube steel. Pad/Rubber Gromet the hole as this will be the entry point for balance and charge cables. In theory, leaving the 2" or so on the top would allow me to place a thin wire mesh and place a gallon size bag of sand (or two if one on each side) for suppression. Optional addition of foam inserts around the battery would be available to.

My only issues are this. This is the first time in not working with a cheap low voltage balance lead only charger, so I don't know what kind of heat will be produced when the ammo can is latched shut. I'm not sure what ventilation would be needed either. Attached is a quick model I made looking at size and space showing the basic concept.

Rip me a new one if needed lol I am open to all opinions even the harsh ones.


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