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Totaled Storch

This poor Storch could barely fly, but this last crash did her in...RIP... That was also my last crash, flown 9 times and 3 planes since with perfect landings...maybe I will never crash again?

crash or splash

wet SE5 Biplane.jpg

Way too much motor for me. Foolishly tried to fly with a 2208- 22000. It was more like a model rocket . Recovered it from the salty lagoon about a week later. Servos, motor and Tx survived.
Crashed my 250 quadcopter today, delaminated the front of the carbonfiber frame and distorted a 4s 1300mAh battery.
Also, as the battery flew off, it ripped my Runcam off the mounts and flung it about 5 feet away. It still works.

This was caused by not finding a metal sliver that was shorting my battery during flight. :p
Electrical short causes quad crash!



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Here's a Youtube showing the end of my FT Spitfire (with some sound effects added in). I'm not sure what happened; one minute everything was going okay... then the plane decided it didn't want to be in the air anymore. Maybe a CG issue? Maybe not enough throttle? Definitely pilot error somewhere.

had a nasty crash with my FT arrow the other day. pretty hard hit but she fared well. I just had replaced the power system and was taking it up for a “re maiden” however my servos came loose from their mounts and gave me control throw issues. Thankfully cameras were rolling!


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Wait till you spend 6 months building a balsa work of art, then smash it into the ground on the first flight, or 3rd... done both and it's heartbreaking. At least the foam board doesn't break your heart or the bank.