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Hi all,

First of all....I love the flitetest show, and all the build planes/kits that you offer. I love it so much, that I want to do my first build.

I went to the store, and clicked on the Spitfire that costs $36. Very reasonable price! then I cliked on the icon, that says "Estimate shipping & tax"......horror!! The cheapest postage is $42.65 and the most exspensive postage is $81!!!.
Making the grandtotal for a Spitfire kit with postage cost between $78.65 to $117.

Surely there must be a cheaper way to send there packages to Europe? I don't mind it taking longer time to get here.

I live in the Faroe Islands, and we can import items free of extra charge as VAT, Custom duty and other charges, if the grandtotal for the package incl. postage is below $53. If the package is over, then we have to pay VAT 25%, Gatt duty 11% and other charges.

Anyways......just a question to the flitetest team. "Have you checked if the international postage can be done cheaper?"

Thanks again Flitetest, for all your hard work!

Tórshavn, Faroe Islands



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it's a known issue and it's gotten a lot of comments here and elsewhere in past. They're fighting against shipping large size/low weight items at quantities too small to get any cut in shipping costs, so they end up with the worst possible rates. Here in the US it's bad. International, it's impossibly bad.

From past conversations and podcasts and . . . They've mentioned they're trying to get distributors through out the world for both kits and foamboard, so the international shipping is paid at a lower rate (by the shipping container) and local shipping can be managed by someone closer to you. So far they've only gotten a Canadian company (Great Hobbies) up and running this way, but these things take time to set up.

That wont help you now, but hopefully it will soon :)

BTW, Welcome to the forum!


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Hi Crafty Dan,

Thank you very much for your reply. I hope they get something up and running soon, that will be a little cheaper in postage :)

I just found out that the Bloody Wonder only costs $22 in postage, so I will order that one in the mean while.



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One thing I've wondered if they can send some parts cheaper. I know that I can get control horns in my local hobby shop and all, but I still like the FT horns and would like to get a box.

So I wonder if sending a "sheet of horns" or other flat parts like the Electrohub in something like a padded envelope instead of a big package would be possible and cheaper?
Don't feel bad I live in canada and the least expensive is 56$ to alberta from the us, Why? I cant imagine but I also note you can buy four or five kits and the shipping cost remains the same.

Also tried to buy linkage stoppers and a motomount and mailing an envelpoe is apparently 25$ So you cannot win unless you buy in bulk.

BTW Great hobbies doesnt really help here in Peace River as the freight is similar