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Pumpkin drop event


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    Foamboard in EU (Netherlands)

    Hello everyone, i've been searching for a solution of the lack of foamboard in EU and i've been wanting a great source. I have found one but i don't have any experience with this company, if i buy some of this stuff i'll definitely post my experiences in the comments. for anyone who is...
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    Adams' Readi-board to sell worldwide

    Hello guys, I contacted Adams this morning to enquire about direct shipping of Readi-board cases in Europe/France or whether they already had local retailers. Well, first, they replied really fast, like under the 30min bar, and they told me they were working on selling worldwide through Amazon...
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    Adams Readi-Board shipped to the UK (and international) for £1.66 per board :-)

    Adams Readi-Board shipped to the UK (and international) for £1.66 (ish) per board :-) Good news eh? I've just spoken to www.goadams.com who make the Readi-Board that FliteTest use and that is sold at www.dollartree.com and they told me that they supply the board to a company called Bazic...
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    building the FT Mini Scout in Europe

    (i just want to say that i am dutch and i have dyslexia so sorry for my bad English) I want to build the FT Mini Scout, but becoase i live in Europe(holland) i probably need to wait a long time before it is delivered, and i have the same problem with the all in one electronics pack. becoase of...
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    Postage to Europe

    Hi all, First of all....I love the flitetest show, and all the build planes/kits that you offer. I love it so much, that I want to do my first build. I went to the store, and clicked on the Spitfire that costs $36. Very reasonable price! then I cliked on the icon, that says "Estimate shipping...
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    Our Favorite Swede

    Any chance of funding David to do some shorts or FVP flights? I know he isn't in the States and does't have access to StoneCap equipment, but Sweden must have comparable production companies that would be interested in working with Flite Test. He is a fun and knowledgeable host and FliteTest...
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    UK EU Foam Board Distribution?

    Hello FT Community What would your thoughts be (FT Community) on a UK / EU Distribution of similar to Dollar Tree Foam board (lighter than the stuff we can get now) and at a much lower price. We would be looking at around the £2.00 or better per A1 sheet in packs of 10. I have a manufacturer...
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    New on Flitetest / looking for advice about starting in Europe

    Hi everyone, I wondered if some of you have experience in buying parts for the swapable series in Europe. I'm from the Netherlands myself. I never flew an RC plane before. I thought it would be nice to start of with an FT flyer. I'm mostly trying to get some information about the hobby and...
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    Foam Board (Readi-Board) for those living outside the USA (US citizens pls read too)

    This is partially in response to the speed-build kits: I've wanted to build scratch-build several airframes, especially the FT swappables. I have bought foam-board (quite similar in dimensions to the readi-boards), but at 60+ euros for 10 sheets, it's quite expensive (I haven't started making...