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Help! power pack B?

I have had a power pack b for my cub and am now moving it to a to a new plane. the motor works fine when the transmitter (DXE) is turned on.
when I turn the transmitter off though. the motor waits a second the goes haywire at full throttle until the transmitter is turned back on.
any suggestions?


Elite member
dont switch off the transmitter !! untill the rx is off !! you can of course set the failsafe to motor off when you lose signal ...(or switch off the tx )


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sure...tx is transmitter which sends information to the reciever (rx) which sends information to the servo's which control the airplane/craft /motor/control services ...depending on which make of tx you have, will determine how you set failsafe
which will determine what happens when you switch off the tx,or lose signal to the craft (if it goes out of range ).
read the manual of your radio contol (tx,rx) for how to set up failsafe...hope that helps !


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Another vote to go and set the failsafe. Really important.
ALWAYS unplug the battery before turning off the transmitter. Never go to the model with the TX round your neck either, hold it away from you by the handle and lay it arms reach away whilst you pull the plug so you don’t snag the throttle on anything whilst handling.