Power Pack C enough for a 2 kilogram FT Legacy???


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hey everyone.
i planned to build the ft legacy and acquired the required foam board. but the foam board available here in india is quite dense than that used in flite test. so the all up weight of my plane comes to be around 2kgs(2000 grams) rather than around 1450 grams that is mentioned in the plans. but i have acquired the same power pack c twin motor that flite test uses? my question is that if my plane would fly albeit at a higher throttle or not. i am confused whether the power pack c twin would handle the extra 500 grams of weight or i should buy a new set of higher thrust motors???


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You should be fine. I assume you mean the older Emax C-pack motor and not the newer FT Radial motor?

If you look at the specs here you will see that you can get 1.25Kg thrust per motor.

You might be pushing a little harder on the throttle but I'd say you're good to go.