Can the Baron carry a soda can?


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Can the power pack C FT Bloody Baron carry a full 12oz soda can? Bomb drop mechanism aside, can the aircraft carry that much weight?

My bet is that it can't, so I won't risk an airframe on this venture ...but I am also really really praying that it can.

I could try to find max resultant of the thrust and lift and compare that to the weight of a soda can, but I've already got homework.


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Let’s pretend that the question here is 15oz of little parachute soldiers instead of a can of soda. Yes, a Bloody Baron with a C pack and a 10x4.5 could carry that.

Baron: 303g
2200mah 3s battery: 169g
A bunch of parachute soldiers: 425g
Total: 897g

C packs have upwards of 1500g thrust, so it would fly. It would be a pig, but it would fly.

No soda cans though. As you probably know, those could easily kill somebody. If hurling the intended drop load at a window would break the window, then it could hurt somebody. If you know an ER nurse, ask their opinion about what you intend to drop. They’re an informed and unfiltered bunch. 🙂


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I've been able to get about 3 lbs of payload (gross of about 4.7lbs) lifted with a modified bushwacker running a C-pack so I'm thinking a soda can wouldn't be out of the question for a barron but it probably wouldn't fly great.