Help! Power supply size

Hola from sunny Spain, got myself a plan for a electric powered glider Sky ranger 500 it has a 190cm (75") wingspan going to weigh about 1.50-2kg (over 3lbs) battery 1700mah 6-7 cell as recommended fuselage length 113 cm (44.5") but I need to know what sort of power electric motor and prop size I need, many thanks guys


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Weigh it and then use the thrust specifications of advertised motors with their reccomended prop combination to be at least 3/4 of the airplanes weight.... more thrust after that means closer to vertical climb rates, better than 1:1 ratio means straight up. Some people get by with 1/2:1.

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With only a 2 meter wing span you should be able to get a glider to weigh a lot less than 3 pounds unless it’s used for slope too. Mine weigh around 1 pound with battery installed. You want to sand a lot of wood off of that fuselage.