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I'm building this little fattie profile. I want to mount an 1806 (type A) motor to the front, which (as you can see) is in a cross pattern of DTFB.

I made a printable prototype (shown here in black PLA), but I'm not happy with it, because the firewall doesn't hold firmly to the part that's supposed to hot-glue to the foam board.

I'm proud that the plastic part is only 4 grams, but I'd be willing to add weight to insure that the two parts hold securely together. Why two parts? Because the last mount I made for such a plane worked, but trapped the motor mount screws between the firewall and the DTFB, and now that they're all unscrewing themselves, I have to tear apart the glued nose to fix it. I'd rather engineer a mount that lets the nose of the plane survive when I have to remove and replace the firewall.

Have you seen a better way to make this motor mount? Any helpful ideas? Thank you!


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There are a bunch of designs for profile motor mounts out there like this one, although I haven’t seen any made with two parts. How about just rotating the motor by 45 degrees so the screws aren’t in front of the foam?