Help! Problem with ESC and receiver from my Eachine x220


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I just received my eachine wizard x220 and it went pretty well the first 2 flights. However, on the third flight, I barely touched a tree branch and the drone fell to the ground.

Once I arrived to it, I wasn't able to bind the controller to the drone anymore. I figured it was the receiver and I was right since it doesn't work anymore.( no flashing light for binding and I use de Fs-Ia6B )

I was trying for a good 5-6 minutes to make it work but it was pointless.

About 10 minutes after that, I tried again and when I plugged in the battery, there was no beeping like it used to do earlier ( Every time you plug it, there 2 series of beeping, after the crash it was only doing the first serie). I unplugged it and plugged it again and smoke came out one of the ESC and then flames. I quickly unplugged everything and unsolder the damaged ESC. Put the drone away, order a new receiver and 4 new RaceStar ESC.

The problem is that I wonder, since there was no beeping the last time I plugged it, even though it was still beeping after the crash, if something else might be dammaged and if replacing the ESC's and the receiver will even work.

Thanks in advance
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