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Help! problems connecting with betaflight (ldarc tiny6x)


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Hey Guys,

I recently received my tiny6x with a FlySky FS-i6 to get into fpv flying. I tried to bind them without succes. Then I went to betaflight to try and connect the tiny6 to my pc and there I was also unsuccesfull. Previously I have only flown crappy rtf drones with the controller included. I thought I would be able to figure out this next step but it turns out I dont. Any help would be great. Below are the steps/results I took.

When I plugin the tiny6 to usb (boot button pressed while connecting to power, released after power is on), windows does make the sound to show it recognises a new usb connection.
When I push connect on betaflight it says:
2019-01-14 @ 16:00:29 -- Serial port successfully opened with ID: 7 (it starts with 1 but this was my seventh attempt)
2019-01-14 @ 16:00:39 -- No configuration received within 10 seconds, communication failed
2019-01-14 @ 16:00:39 -- Serial port successfully closed

I figured maybe I needed to setup the configuration so I went to the firmware flasher. After I put the settings to:
show unstable releases: off
lastest version
no reboot sequense: on
flash on connect: off
full chip erase: on
manual baud rate: 256000

after pushing load firmware and then pushing flash firmware it tells me:
2019-01-14 @ 16:06:07 -- Failed to open serial port

Can anyone help me to the next step? Much appreciated.

[edit] rx2a-pro receiver [/edit]
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Your computer is not connecting. This is NOT usb, its a serial port connection, you need to make the connection manually. You need to go to the Device Manager and see which serial port is being used.

There are others who can walk you through the process if necessary.


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The boot button is only used when you want to get into bootloader mode to flash new firmware. When you have a proper connection the port box in betaflight will change to something other than COM1. If this happens you should be able to press the connect button and go to town. If this doesn't happen, you probably have a driver issue. Did you download and install the drivers listed on the welcome screen in Betaflight?

Flashing new firmware is a different procedure, requiring different drivers. When you connect to USB with the boot button pressed, the port box shoud say DFU. If it doesn't, try running the driver fixer tool from here - Downloads - ImpulseRC