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Problems of frequency control.


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Umm nope, the comment about the school wasnt regarding interception of an illegal signal, it was for when they key up and crash your plane since a 25 watt signal on a good antenna drowns a 100 milliwatt signal. However, since the crystals are cheap, it might be worth buying a set and see if they work.
yea i get what you are saying.... buti can also find out what frequency the armed response guys use and just not use that frequency.... when i last checked the 35mhz band is still exclusive to rc aircraft....


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Looked there, not a single AM set listed unless I go attempting to use a hitech set that was supposed to have been made by futaba sometimes. 35mhz is an odd british band similar to the US 27 mhz 10 meter chicken band, obsoleted maybe 30 years ago but still useable. We still use 27 mhz for currently active ground operations like cars and boats. I have some 27 equipment, but wouldn't use it in a plane for fear of crashing uncontrollably