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Quad Does Nothing When Disconnected from Cleanflight

I just built a DJI 450 quad. I am using an Eachine I6 radio with a Turnigy IA6B receiver. I setup my AUX 2 to arm the quad. Everything works perfectly when I am connected to Cleanflight, but when I disconnect my NAZE32 Rev 6 Full, all I get are the ESC's continuously beeping. I have it setup as PWM and everything shows the radio is working perfectly. If I arm it with Cleanflight connected, I get power. My throttle works perfectly. It is just when I disconnect the NAZE from Cleanflight, nothing works but the ESC's constantly beeping. Any suggestions???? Oh, and the receiver binds perfectly. Thank you.


Gravity Tester
Is the flight controller and receiver getting properly powered when just using a battery? Plugging in the FC to your computer may be providing that power, while with just a battery you are only powering the ESCs.
3S battery is at full charge and getting correct LEDs on NAZE. This is a switchover from a CC3D with a Spektrum receiver and a DX6I. I could not get the quad airborne without flipping. Cleanflight tells me all is ok. Bewildered and confused.


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OK am I reading this wrong? you state in one post you can't arm and the esc's constantly beep. In the last post you say you are constantly flipping. Is this a before and after comparison of the two FC's?

I will ignore the flipping part and assume you still can not arm. If there is steady beeping obviously there is an error state. When you plug the battery in is the quad on a level surface or are you holding it side ways to plug it in then setting it down? The fc reads level pretty fast so if you take too long it may see that sideways condition as level which will not let the quad arm when you set it down as it is too far away from what it thinks is level.

Another thing may be the way you set up the fc in the gui as far as throttle is concerned. Throttle trim may be too high and out of that range the fc will allow the arming sequence to engage.
I was saying I was previously using a different flight controller (CC3D). I did find my problem with my NAZE..broken trace, which I fixed with a wire add. My original problem persists. Quad flips at powerup. Would you suggest swapping out ESC or motor? Had no problem with my first kit build.