1. S

    Solved ESC starts up but won't spin up motor on input signal

    Hey folks, I recently started reactivating a quad build that I had laying around for 2+ years (thought I mention that so that people don't get confused with the pretty outdated hardware) and didn't touch since. Back when I left it one of the ESCs was broken, so when I picked it up again I...
  2. M

    Motros not spinning in Cleanflight - help please :)

    Motors not spinning in Cleanflight - help please :) Hi all, sorry i am new here but hoping you can help. I am attempting to build my first drone and have a battery connected to a power distribution board of which i have all my ESC's connected to and then from there i have my Naze32 flight...
  3. kpixels

    Photo of F4 and F3 Flight Controllers

    Top left - Wolfwhoop Omnibus F4 tower bottom left - RipaFire Omnibus F4 Pro top right - AfroFlight Naze32 Full (F3 Rev6) bottom right - AfroFlight 10DOF Naze32 Acro (F3 Rev6)
  4. S

    FrSky R-XSR, no Channel receiver bands moves in Betaflight... Need Help!

    Hi, I just switched from Spektrum to FrSky on my 4 quadcopters. I do have a connectivity issue it seem, but it is pretty weird as it behave, or not behave... I spent a lot of time troubleshooting, please let me know if you have anything else then: 'it should work'! I am willing to try anything...
  5. T

    Naze32 motors wont sync when flying | I need help really bad

    Hi everyone i have been trying to setup my naze32 for the past week. The motors spin up fine from cleanflight but when i try to use my Transmitter it the motors go all out of sync. Here is a video of my problem. this is not my video but its the same...
  6. D

    Naze32 problem

    Can you please help me with this problem? Video: The leds starts to alternate between green and red fast, then slow. Before, the board was ok, it just suddenly started doing this. Also, I cant connect it to betaflight. What should I do? Thanks
  7. L

    Receiver Input not showing up, Low Voltage on ESC Signal - Naze32

    Hello, I've been having some weird issues with my quad... when I hook up my Naze32 to Cleanflight and go to the receiver tab, it shows that there is no receiver input. However, when I arm and use the controls, everything works as expected, so the Naze is getting and interpreting receiver input...
  8. Q

    Naze32 servo gimbal?

    Quick question, i'm planning on building a small drone and purchasing this naze32, would it be possible to hook this up to a 3 axis servo gimbal? I have one laying around and I'd rather just use it instead of buying a whole new brushless gimbal. So would it be possible with a naze32 or would I...
  9. F

    Troubles flashing Cleanflight on Naze32

    Hi guys ! I'm new to FPV and bought a RTF Kit from Eachine 1 month ago. Now that I know how to properly fly with it I wanted to flash it with Cleanflight just to modify PIDs/Rate/etc. So I Naze32 FC from Cleanflight and everything went well. I've setup transmitter settings so Cleanflight...
  10. S

    Howdy Flite Test Forums!

    Hi all, I am excited to try to get my first quad build back from the dead...or maybe it was never alive in the first place. Either way, it should be fun being a part of the forums. Check out my blog post, I added some jokes...
  11. C

    Issue with motors not spinning up

    I recently got out my Mini Tricopter from RC Explorer to get that working again. I am using Cleanflight for setup on a Naze32. After installing the new firmware (Triflight 0.7) I went through the steps which I had done several times before. This time when I got to plugging in the battery I...
  12. M

    Blackbox issues with Naze32?

    Hello forum, I have had my Naze for about a year now, and now I have decided to hook up an ESP8266 to the RX and TX of the board. This works however the EZ-GUI app has "No data Received" when the Naze isnt connected to betaflight, I have set it up using blackbox on the serial port, and when the...
  13. W

    Naze 32 cleanflight for ft flyer/nutball/delta

    I have a Naze32 lying around from a quad build, and I built an ft flyer, Cleanflight seems to want me to have ailerons, but I obviously dont, Help?
  14. J

    Eachine ia6 output issues

    I have an Eachine Falcon 250 Pro with a naze32 and eachine ia6. I also got a qx70 and bound to it with my eachine i6, not realizing i needed a new profile for each model. Instead I made a new model and bound my ia6 to it after realizing that. The ia6 operates exactly the way it should, and it...
  15. R

    Quad Does Nothing When Disconnected from Cleanflight

    I just built a DJI 450 quad. I am using an Eachine I6 radio with a Turnigy IA6B receiver. I setup my AUX 2 to arm the quad. Everything works perfectly when I am connected to Cleanflight, but when I disconnect my NAZE32 Rev 6 Full, all I get are the ESC's continuously beeping. I have it setup as...
  16. J

    Naze 32 PC Connection problems

    I recently got a RTR Eachine Falcon 250 Pro, VR-007s and absolutely love them! The problem I have though is that I cant change PIDS, rates, and flight mode switches easily. I can use a USB cord to connect to a PC (Win 10, have tried with others, same result) and it works (cleanflight) for about...
  17. R

    Can No Longer Connect NAZE32 To Cleanflight, Worked Yesterday

    Hello I'm sorry to have to post two questions in as many days but I'm very stumped. I have a NAZE32 that yesterday would automatically connect to cleanflight where I updated to the newest firmware and reconnected multiple times. Then I came back this morning and cannot get it to connect for...
  18. B

    Issue between Naze32 and transmitter

    Hello all, I have been watching videos of you guys on youtube and you guys got me interested in starting playing around with quads. So I watch some more videos until I decided to go ahead and buy myself a quad :) I got a wizard x220 with a naze32 in it. I also got a Flysky 6CH FS-i6 Remote...
  19. D

    PowerPack E 12A ESC flashing?

    Good Friday everyone! I bought myself a FliteTest PowerPack E about a year and a half ago (when they still sold the CW/CCW threaded motors) for my ZMR250 and now I'm freshening my build up and want to make sure the latest BLHeli is installed, everything is calibrated right, Oneshot, etc... The...
  20. N

    Fly Sky I6 Reciver to Naze32

    This thread may be already here if it is I apologize. So I'm building a 250 quadcopter. Initially I got the naze32 fc wired to the D4RII. I did not have a transmitter at that time, so I bought the Flysky I6 as I heard its a great beginner controller. From my understanding I can not hook up the...