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Quad Rotor Wiring Diagram

I started out flying the AR Drone and found I really liked quad rotors so I wanted to build my own. Building the frame was no problem, I just bought the wonderful BatBone. However then the questions started, what size motors, battery, ESC, flight control modual, transmitter and receiver, and the list went on, for I have a special application for this V tail and the motors would not work like I wanted. Josh has been a great help on what I needed along with the forum and Dan at Lazertoyz. So I have most of my stuff, but the assembly still was still questionable in my mind on how, but mostly why things connect up the way they do. I would find pieces of how it goes together but no a full diagram on everthing, until now. I called Josh as to what kind of flight control modual to use for my V tail, because I was looking at the Naza M for its GPS features. After we talked he recommended the APM 2.5 with GPS from 3D Robotics (not to say the Naza is bad, but for my application this would work better for me). Josh also recommend that I start out with KK2 board just to get started flying my V tail to get familiar with the controls before I try FPV. This was great advise now I can start flying while I save for the APM. While I was on there site I found this great diagram on how everthing is wired and all my questions have been answered as to how all the devises are connected and what makes them work. I'm not sure if anyone has already posted this type of diagram before since I am new to the forum andI could not find one so here it is.

Multirotor basic wiring hookup.jpg