Quadrino Multiwii Flight controller


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Hello everyone.

I would love to share my Multiwii Flight controller that is a ready - to- fly alternative to the complicated process of gathering the many separate pieces required to make a MultiWii multi-rotorcopter

find out more about software here:

the Quadrino edition is all sold out, and now soon to release the second edition. Quadrino ZOOM!

The Quadrino includes the Arduino micro-controller, Gyro, Accelerometer, Barometer, Magnetometer and on-board usb interface. Plugin your radio receiver channels and ESC motor wires and you are ready-to- fly

The Quadrino supports all MultiWii features such as auto-level mode (acc mode), heading hold (mag mode), and altitude hold (baro). There is a cheaper alternative that removes the magnetometer and barometer.

The Quadrino:

here is the new hardware :


it has a couple of improvements, but will fly exactly the same as the original Quadrino

the zoom comes in blue or black.

thank you for the awesome show! and thank you to flying monkey
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Great to have you on the forum whitespy!

Sorry you couldn't make it to Hodges this week, I was looking forward to meeting you.


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I just stumbled on the fact that tricopters don't glide if you lose power or control...


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they don´t have any big surfaces so why should they glide?

But it would be funny if they still did. Just like that against all the laws of physis :D


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For that you would need an accelerometer, which as soon as it measures a big acceleration that go over a certain adjusted point, it will give a signal to a servo that will release the parachute!

That should work but I don´t have the knowledge and skills to etch my own copperboard and soldering all that stuff on :D


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Then just add cloth between the arms? Leave slop in the cloth so it doesn't get unbalanced...


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There might be a significant (<-- might be my favourite word in the last posts :D ) with using cloth!

If you have much cloth going from each tip of the tricopter to the other one the prop looses a lot of its efficiency.

Imagine a 450 sized helicopter that is mounted on a 1x1m wooden plate. That won´t lift of! Same principal with the cloth around the prop!