Question About EMAX Servos and Spektrum Receiver


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Hi ,

I have just received my power pack C equipped with Emax - ES08A servos , unfortunately I cannot
use them with my spectrum AR636h speKtrum receiver two major issues :

a. Servos will make lots of noise
b. receiver will put itself off after few seconds

I am using Lumenier 1000mah and BLheli , what could be the problem ?

Should I look into purchasing a new receiver , if yes which spectrum receiver should I purchase for the purpose of flying
FT duster .

Thank you ,


Build another!
Noise? I was also surprised by gear noise during my first build. OTOH...

How many servos are connected?

If the RX resets or browns out there could be a bad servo or maybe a faulty BEC on the ESC. If you have an extra servo use that to replace each servo in turn. If not, just unplug one servo at a time and retest. If there is a bad servo it will work fine with those remaining. If the BEC is bad the results will be the same. Either way, a call to FT may be required to replace possible bad parts.


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First off is your battery charged? I have this same set up and never had any issue, but if your battery is low it will certainly cause the problems you indicated. Do you have a receiver battery you can plug directly into the receiver and eliminate the BEC to see if that works?


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That Rx is for a Helicopter (I think an E-Flite Blade 200SRX heli) and is pre-programmed as such. I do not believe it can be reprogrammed to be used in a model other than which it was intended.

Any DSM2 or DSMX compatible Rx with 4 or more channels should work for you. There are several brands to choose from: Spektrum, OrangeRx, LemonRX and others. They are also available with and without gyros (I would go without for simplicity and the FT planes don't need them).


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Just a thought. Check the servo timing in the transmitter setup. These are analog servos. If you're setup for digital strange things can happen.

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Similar symptoms

I had the same thing happen with an orange receiver, turned out the throttle plug was plugged in backwards, once I fixed that it was fine.