1. Taildragger

    Plane Air Tractor AT-502 Chuck Glider (Beta 1.0) 1.0

    I was inspired recently by an Air Tractor AT-502B flying low over my backyard a lot recently, so I decided to CAD up my own! Then I made up this mini one as a chuck glider for my little brother who is obsessed over aviation at the age of 2. I need some help getting the CG placement correct...
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  7. D

    Question About EMAX Servos and Spektrum Receiver

    Hi , I have just received my power pack C equipped with Emax - ES08A servos , unfortunately I cannot use them with my spectrum AR636h speKtrum receiver two major issues : a. Servos will make lots of noise b. receiver will put itself off after few seconds I am using Lumenier 1000mah and...
  8. J

    FT Duster - battery location and retention

    Ok, this could be a silly question but I've searched and found no answer. I've built my first Flite Test plane, the FT Duster, and I'm not wholly certain where the battery goes. I've seen some pics with it on the underside of the power pod, not inside it, which certainly makes sense from a...
  9. M

    Our Duster's first outing

    A very cold November morning in England. A few failed starts, but after a prop change she flew well and survived the hard landings.
  10. W

    Two-Page Dusty Glider

    I just finished building this tiny 10" wingspan glider design based heavily on the FT scratch builds. -Print out the two letter-size drawings attached. -Cut and glue the profiles to some dollar-store foam -Carefully cut the foam following the printed profiles -Form the airfoil using the method...
  11. Coleman

    Building a Duster, and my 70%ish NubeTube

    Just finished a small Nube Tube (21" length, 23" wingspan). After losing my last Tube I've been reluctant to go fly but this thing is ready to go so I can't wait much longer. I found tan packing tape for 1$ at Wal-Mart so I used that. I'm using the Suppo 2208/14 motor from my Fogey mounted on...
  12. H

    FT Duster-Maiden help?

    I had my maiden flight today with my duster however it does not want to climb very well I have a turnigy 1450kv motor running on a 3s 1300mah lipo with a 7" prop Ideas?
  13. H

    Finished my FT Duster!

    Started this project on Monday and I have finally finished my first scratch built plane.:D
  14. Nodd

    Nodd RC - FT Duster

    My buddy Conio put together a FliteTest Duster. We had some fun making this video...