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Question About FT Planes

I have some electronics laying around and I was wondering if there is a good FT plane to build with them. I have 4, 9g. servos, a 3S 1300 mah battery, an 18 Amp ESC and a 1300kv outrunner brushless motor. Any help is much appreciated. Thanks!


Flite is good
If that 1300kv motor swings an 8x4 prop, the Old Fogey or Old Speedster would be good candidates. The 1300mah 3S might be a little big for those planes, but they would still fly.

Again, if an 8x4 prop is good, you could also look into any of the "bloody" series planes. They would do well on a 1300mah 3S but need to keep up the speed.

If you built a versa wing without any extra weight, it should also perform well.

Let us know what you decide. As you narrow the selection, ask more questions.


Professional noob
I vote an FT Flyer. Its durable and a great all around fun plane, only issue I can see is the battery being a bit heavy, but if you prop up to an 8x4.5 or 9x4.7 or so then you should be fine. Before I retired my FT Flyer, I ran it off the 1300kv motor and a 10amp ESC with an 8x4.5 prop and an 850mAh 3S battery, and the electronics never even got warm if I was taking it easy.


Old and Bold RC PILOT
If you are after a pocket rocket then I would suggest the (Das) Little Parkfyer Stick. Not essentially an FT design but the plans etc are available in the forums. The whole setup/installation might be a little cramped but the performance in speed, rate of climb, and maneuverability will be astounding. My local club has a number of the design with various motor/battery combinations which we use for regular dog-fighting sessions. Great Fun is had by all, (Including the occasional mid-air).
Thanks, guys. I'm pretty sure it swings an 8x4 prop. I will look at these options and see what I decide. I should correct what I said in my original post about the electronics lying around. I have them, but they are currently being used on a plane. However, I still do want to have a game plan in mind when that one conks out. All of the help is still applicable so if you have any new ideas please let me know.