Question about what motor should I choose .


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Hi there :3
I'm just thinking about replacing my old cheap chinese motor (ready to sky 2204s 2400).

Right now i'm thinking about:
RCX NK2204 2400kv
RCX NK2207 2400kv.

I was talking some time ago with my friend and he scared me a little bit of 2207 motors (super high power consumption, higher probability of breaking an arm because of more weight at the end of each arm.) and right now i dont know what to choose :/

Is that true that 2207 are killing batteries like crazy ?
Should i go with 2204 ?
What about a flight time?

My current setup:
Frame: Frog lite 5"
FC: Kakute F4 AIO
ESC: Littlebee 30A spring
Right now go to prop: king kong 5040/5045
Battery: CNHL 1300(100C)/Tattu RLine 1300 (4S).

Thanks for some advices ^^


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Your friend is correct about having shorter flight times with 2207’s, but 2207’s will have more power and punch over 2204’s. What type of flying do you do? If you do high energy acro,get the 2207’s, if you do slower, more relaxed flight get the 2204’s. I am the type of person that likes to go fast and overpower things, so I would go with 2207’s, but that’s just me.
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There are also 2205, 2206 and 2306 to consider, which fall in between the 2 'extremes' you listed. There are so many motors available today it would be hard for me to choose...
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A lot of that choice will come down to how much money you want to spend. More expensive motors should contain better components, be easier to rebuild and produce a little more power than cheaper ones of the same size.
Generally a wider stator size will be more efficient and produces more torque.
The T motor LF40 is on sale, also on Banggood , which might fit your set up.
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