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Question: How do you figure out the thrust of any given motor and prop?


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I'm pretty new into the RC world and I'm at the point where I'm starting to scratch build, but I need to find out a formula or something that will tell me the thrust for any given motor, prop, battery combo.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

- Kris


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Thrust is usually determined using a thrust measuring setup. AFAIK There is no exact formula to determine that, you will have to look for that info on the specs of the motor.
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Usually there are some specs in the description of the motor about the thrust, also in Hobbyking in reviews usually some guys test them and write amps and thrust with different props.
Basically you can get some scales, screw the end of the motor to a piece of wood and weigh the dead weight.. then spin her up (make sure it is in pusher config) and see by how much the weight increases... there you have it!


Rotor Riot!
Andre' a watt meter won't tell you how much thrust a motor/prop combo will use, just how much "power" it uses.
Most watt-meters read out with the battery voltage, amp draw and wattage. More watts, sorta means more thrust , but not always.

Thrust is measured by a thrust gauge- something like this:
Yeah, Crap. I meant to say one of those thrust measuring setups. I guess I said wrong, sorry...


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