Question regarding setting up a failsafe switch on a ORX tx6i transmitter


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Gday all.
Ir recently bought a 90GT quad (my first ever quad as I'm usually a wing guy)
And I'm trying to get it all setup as well as getting my head around betaflight.
Would i be correct in assuming that my Orx Tx6i transmitter is a six channel and by having an arm switch and a mode switch i have now used up all my channels and can not have a failsafe switch.


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Your right I should just use the failsafe settings .
I watched a youtube clip that said i should have it on a switch also but seems unnecessary.


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Use the flight controller to set fsilsafe for quads. You ALWAYS want it to shut off motors and fall.

Yes chance of damage goes up for the quad but you dont have to worry about an uncontrolled missle rippin thru the wild blue.