Radiomaster R86 rx


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Hi Guys,

This is a real rookie question. I have a Radiomaster TX16S. I have not used a Radiomaster receiver yet. I have a Radiomaster R86 rx that I want to use. I have use several different receivers with no problems that is because you know where to plug your wires into. Here is the rub with a Radiomaster, they don't tell you where channel 1 thru 8 is. All you get is a number channel 1 to channel 8. The manual is worthless. It does tell you where the wires go to. All the others receivers let you know where your wires go to. I don't want to plug the the power or throttle into the wrong place. The Radiomaster rx goes from channel 1 to 8. I have even gone to Radiomaster site and no real help. I have wasted more then 1 hour looking for info. So what is channel 1 thru 8 ? I normally run AETR.

Open to all input, Thanks Guys

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The good news is that it doesn’t matter - you can use the channels any way you like. The throttle channel, assuming you’re flying electric and your BEC is designed to power your receiver and servos, can be plugged into any channel and the receiver will then power up. If you want to use an AETR convention, plug it into CH3 (because “T” is the third letter). On that basis plug your ailerons into CH1 and so on. Then when you set up your transmitter, set the throttle output to be on CH3, ailerons on CH1 and so on. If you’re at all unsure make sure you don’t have a propeller on the motor when you are first testing everything.


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Even thou Radiomaster is AETR I am so used to running Spectrum TAER I set my TX16s to always use TAER no matter what the receiver is, one of the beauties of OTX, any channel can be anything you want.