Thingiverse ?


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Hi Everyone,

I have a question about Thingiverse. I have used Thingiverse in the past. Last year about this time I have loaded several files from Thingiverse with no problems. It's a year later and I am trying to download a file or two, but something is not the same from last year. Can someone please explain ? Has there been a change in Thingiverse ? I have looked for answers on the web and Thingiverse site with no real help. I have even looked at Thingiverse site. There site is not any help at all. For some reason Thingiverse doesn't even have a good home page. I even looked for any help on their site with no luck. If I am missing something, please post me the correct link. Can someone tell me what I need to do to get files ? Is it a pay for the files now ?

All input is welcomed,

P.S. Looking for files about thrust vectoring . :unsure: :D